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Play Planks

Play Planks

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NZ Play Planks are both fun and educational. Use it to create almost anything you can imagine... a bus, a boat, castle or train. The possibilities are endless. These play plank sets enable children to assemble and re-assemble multiple play configurations. An activity that will be sure to keep the kids busy for hours while encouraging creative and cooperative construction play. A great teaching aid and a great way to learn. Made right here in New Zealand.

Made with 12mm plywood, these 156 piece sets include the following pieces and their length:

64 x 2 Notch Pieces (175mm)
36 x 4 Notch Pieces (420mm)
18 x 6 Notch Pieces (662mm)
10 x 8 Notch Pieces (905mm)
18 x 10 Notch Pieces (1150mm)
2 x 4 Notch Split Pieces (420mm)
2 x 6 Notch Split Pieces (662mm)
2 x 8 Notch Split Pieces (905mm)
2 x 10 Notch Split Pieces (1150mm)
2 x Roof Panels (1150mm)
Props in the pictures are not included.
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